To help these most disadvantaged of children live successful lives and develop the skills to look after their families

The school is a boarding school: a safe and caring, environment where the students can concentrate wholly on themselves and their studies. The school’s success is based on 3 key elements:

    Khadija Omar Rama
    Khadija Omar Rama
  1. An innovative and effective curriculum which not only teaches the Kenyan curriculum to the highest academic standards but also teaches job skills such as masonry, carpentry and tailoring to certificate level and gives the students hands on experience of running a small business so they can support their families as soon as they leave.
  2. Support for the student’s families at home with regular home visits from community mothers and extra food so the student can feel comfortable in school knowing their families are not suffering while they are absent.
  3. One-on-one medical and counseling support.

The school was started in 2007 and has been highly effective. It is already being used as a model by UNICEF in Kenya and Ethiopia.

The school is run by Khadija Omar Rama who is the Founder and Director of the “Pepo la Tumaini Jangwani” organization, the community organization behind the school. She started PLTJ in 1994 to help people with AIDS who had been abandoned by their families. It has gown to serve more than 7,000 families in the area. In 2005 Khadija was nominated by the UN for Woman of the Year.

The school is funded through the Tumaini Educational Trust which is a registered charity in the UK and a charitable organization in Switzerland.

Tumaini Senior School